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Reverse Shoulder Replacement: Recovery process

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I am told that I need a reverse shoulder replacement, left nondominant shoulder. I live alone and am wondering how much help I will need and for how long. Also, I live eight hours away from the Mayo Clinic which is where I would prefer to go.

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Hi @spinginnie - Welcome to Connect! There are so many kind and helpful people here - many of whom have experience with what you are going through. I'm glad you came to this group. I haven't had a shoulder replacement so I'm not going to be much help except with moral support! It sounds as if @mimi99, @edithmiller, @farmgirl57 and @cathymay have had some experience with shoulder issues. Maybe they can give some insight on the recovery period. Are you in a lot of pain now? Are you doing any PT? I'm wishing you the best.

I had reverse shoulder replacement on my non-dominant arm six weeks ago. I also have several rotator tears in my other shoulder. I have needed help since the surgery and will need help until my muscles become stronger. I wanted to go to rehab but medicare insurance will not pay for it, God help us if medicare for all is passed. I had to rely on my 92 year old father for help who is use to me being his caregiver and my 88year old spouse who continues to work and is use to me waiting on him when he gets home each evening! It has been quite stressful as they are not very attentive, yet I am very grateful for their attempts and the help I did get. You will definitely need help since one cannot drive for six weeks, unless you can get delivery service for your groceries and pharmacy, as well as transportation for follow-up doctors appointments. It was difficult opening jars, food packs,& etc for the first 4-5 weeks or more. If you have no family to help, maybe some people from your church could help. I plan to drive to PT tomorrow, this will be my first attempt since the surgery as my husband has been my driver up to date. I do hope this has not discouraged you from having the surgery as I believe the end results will be much better than the pain I was having prior to the surgery!

I had tRSR 1 week ago on my non dominant left shoulder. You will need help with just about everything. I need help getting up from my recliner, pulling my pants down and up, removing sling and replacing it, reaching things below shoulder level, etc. These and many other movements are too painful to do. Hopefully the severe pain subsides soon and I can do more on my own.