Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy

Posted by jiahuey @jiahuey, May 8, 2016

Hi, anybody knows about the latest updates on proliferative vitreoretinopathy? my brother has been having this condition and been through a few surgeries, including vitrectomy and silicone gel, yet his vision is still worsening, we were informed about some new drugs such as anti-growth factors but they re still in clinical trials. Is there anything I could do for him now to preven worsening of his vision?

Hi @jiahuey. Welcome to Connect. I did a quick Google search and it does look like this is a topic that is being researched a lot. Here is an article from Medscape ( and here is one from the NIH ( which you might find interesting. I’m also tagging @bonitav, @angel18, @connieg, @healthy2012 and @khall who have posted about retinal detachments in the past and may have some insight. Hope this helps!

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Waw thank you @kelseydm for your quick reply! wondering if i could find out about the latest clinical trials and the results for this condition? btw your articles are indeed helpful:)

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I mean it would be great to know if those new drugs being researched for PVR are currently available in the US already?

Hi @jiahuey, I would suggest taking a look on the National Health Institute’s clinical trials website

Hi @aliskahan, ok thank you!!

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