Repeat injury

Posted by heatherh @heatherh, Feb 18, 2018

I injured my back Jan 21st and then four days later on the 25th. I landed a dirt bike sitting on the seat soso all the impact went through me basically so I had pain shoot through my whole back. Four days later I hit a jump snowboarding with family because I hadn’t been with them in years and I came down straight onto my back like a belly flop but my back instead of mybelly. Later that day I also went backwards straight onto my back. The last blow has seriously bothered me.

The back pain is relentless and I have an appt to see a dr but I can’t get into them for a while. Does anyone have experience with repeat back injured and is there anything other then RICE I can do to help it?

Hello @heatherh,

From reading your post, it is clear you are in to the extreme sports! First, I would recommend visiting the ER if your pain becomes too excruciating or you notice any additional symptoms like numbing or loss of sensation in your extremities. I am not a medical professional, but from my experience of reading through others explain their back injuries and pains, backs can be very tricky and vastly different from each member to member. You may want to check out the following discussions:

Both discussions are centered around back pain. They are not the exact situation as yours, but you may find some commonalities with some of the members.

@heatherh, it has been a few days since you posted about your back injury. If you don't mind sharing, how are you doing? Has the pain got any better, or worse? How is your mobility?

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