Red, inflamed, burning, itchy face usually during/before period

Posted by caseyn2020 @caseyn2020, Aug 29, 2021

I will start off by saying that I was diagnosed with rosacea after I had my daughter almost 14 years ago. At that point, my face would flare and get red every so often if I ate spicy food, drank beer, during the winter/summer with extreme temperatures.
Lately though (the last couple years), it happens almost every month either a few days before my period, or the day my period starts.
It shows up out of no where with intense redness and burning/itching on my cheeks/chin, and by the 2nd/3rd day my skin begins to get rough and cheeks and areas around my eyes become swollen. Then little papules show up all over my face for the remainder of the time. This lasts anywhere from 3 days to 10 days. Once it starts going away, the skin on my face is so incredibly dry, and NOTHING helps with the dryness. It is so unbearable that I have to call into work basically once or twice a month because of how uncomfortable I am.
I went back to the dermatologist a couple months ago with pictures of what it looks like, and he thinks I may also have Keratosis Pilaris Rumba Faciei, along with Rosacea. But of course it’s just guessing games.
Not sure if this would have anything to do with my face issue, but he also thinks I have Raynauds because every day I deal with burning hands and fingers with a couple fingers cold, and the rest on fire. This happens basically the minute I go outside on a hot day, but often indoors too. My feet do the same thing, except at night when I go to bed, my feet are icicles and the rest of my body on fire. I also get mottling on my legs and backs of arms and discoloration on my knees.
I also have Hashimotos and Hypothyroidism that I struggle with.
I’m not sure if these are all correlated, or if I’m dealing with multiple things going on.
I did get blood work done this past week for Dermatitis, Antinuclear Antibodies, Inflammation, Rheumatoid Factor, Sedimentation Rate, Smith AB, and a complete Urinalysis. All tests came back with NOTHING.
I’m so mentally and emotionally exhausted from having to deal with this, on top of other issues.
Is there any insight that anyone can give me on what to look into next??
One last thing I forgot…I’ve been getting pigmentation on my face, but I’m rarely out in the sun, and if I am I always wear sunscreen, I get random bruises at times that show up when I wake up in the morning, Ive been experiencing internal shaking/tremors in chest area, back, and head daily for the last 6 months, and my eyes are extremely sensitive to light.
As for the tremors, I’ve had an EKG, holter monitor, and echocardiogram and they say everything appears just fine with my heart.

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Hi Casey,
You are going through a storm of issues. I don’t have answers, but do have some possibilities to think about.
First, the itching bumps red and dry on your face.
Inexpensive cream water-based suggested to me during radiation for burning skin was Udderly Smooth. It’s not specifically for face, but water-based is so light you can add more during day. It’s refreshing and I still use it many times on my face. Would be good for your hands and feet to for a change wo steroids.

Next is condition. Have the considered Perioral Dermatitis? It doesn’t fit exactly, but the red & bumps are exact. The drying too. I have/had red around my nose that came and went. Then started to have little bumps. I used my husband’s steroid cream just a dab. It went away and came right back. Dermatologist said steroid cream makes it worse. Also odd things like gum chewing. It’s only in women too. And it itches. I was given antibiotic bc mine was here for a year. And a cream Pimecrolimus 1%. It worked right away but it’s taking a while to keep it gone forever. It is fascinating bc so many odd things can cause another odd thing. But it’s true when u want to think no way.
Do u take gabapentin for your hands & feet? My neuropathy was intense and gabapentin helped a lot. It can make u groggy so I took at night.
Lastly cold feet.
I discovered the greatest way to keep them perfectly warm at night. At pet stores online they sell for dogs and cats a warming pad. On their own or with foam and zipped cover. These are terrific! No temperature adjustment, no on off just warm heat 24/7 at a trickle of electricity. My pets used these for years. I put one on my bed for our cat and kept tucking my feet under it. Now it’s there for me all year. It’s great size for feet and much better than anything for humans. All different sizes of pads. I have one now that’s for a cat. Give it a try, you may fall in love, I have.
My best to you, hope something helps.


I get this same issue some months, not all! Experiencing it right now, actually. My period is due tomorrow. My lips are dry, my cheese are red like apples and dry. It pops up so randomly!!! I hate it.

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