Red dots on feet?

Posted by atassi15 @atassi15, Oct 10, 2023

I was curious if anyone else has been noticing lots of red dots all over the top of their feet? My feet also often look swollen. I try not to overthink this and am wondering if maybe this is just a symptom of long-covid, but some days it is really noticeable and it freaks me out. Anyone else also experience this? Is there anything that works or anything I should be doing?

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Hey There! Does it itch? The reason I ask, I developed eczema after COVID on both ears and it was red and itched like crazy. COVID attacks so many things in our bodies. Praying for you. Blessings....


Atheletes foot--soak in vinagar and water 3 days in a row 15/85%


Hi @attassi15. Many of us have had so many types of skin rashes that itch, dont itch, meds help, dont help, come on with worse symptoms, without any symptoms. . . I do not say this to trivialize your question but to give opinion of years trying to find answers. My recent visit with functional medicine doctor shared post covid has affected so many parts of the body with small vessel damage that affects the skin when autoimmune compromised which seems most healthcare systems are now starting to see. Friendly suggestion if you havnt found solution thru your healthcare system, track your daily activities, food, symptoms and hopefully you will find your personal trigger/triggers that bring this on. Healing journey to you🌈

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