Red Blood Cell Deficiency

Posted by treedee72 @treedee72, Apr 2 5:36pm

I am being referred to Mayo in Minnesota because my doctors in Chicago can’t piece together what is going on in my body. I have Petichiae all over, my labs are all over the place with low and huge red blood cells along with some subjective symptoms such as fatigue as well. I’m quite concerned and don’t know where this would even be headed. Anyone else have any of these issues?

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No but it sounds like you're going to an organization which certainly has the physicians and facilities to get to the bottom of your issues. Best of luck.


Hello @treedee72 It’s unfortunate that our bodies don’t come with trouble shooting guides, isn’t it? Our blood is incredibly complex and sometimes it takes a little sleuthing to figure out what’s causing the symptoms.

Blood is manufactured in the bone marrow…red/white cells and platelets. The red blood cells carry and deliver oxygen throughout the body. However, if your red blood cells are too large, they may be unable to exit the bone marrow to enter the bloodstream, which can explain the fatigue you’re having. As an example only, there’s a type of anemia with your similar symptoms.
If your current doctors are having a difficult time finding a diagnosis, I’m happy see that you’re being referred to Mayo-Rochester. It’s my ‘home away from home’ where I’m a frequent visitor to the hematology department. I know from experience the doctors and staff there are relentless in finding a diagnosis and treating the problem.

While there, you can expect more bloodwork run and you may also have a bone marrow biopsy if you haven’t already. This will give the doctors a comprehensive look at your marrow’s health and ability to form healthy cells.

Speculating on where this is going is really just an anxiety producer at this point. Truly, I understand that it’s frustrating and frightening to know something’s not right and you don’t know the cause. I had a very serious and aggressive leukemia 4 years ago but now I’m in a durable remission. You’ll get to the bottom of this… ☺️

Have you had thyroid numbers run? Did you have a bone marrow biopsy?

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