Recurring bladder problems

Posted by sueb123 @sueb123, Sep 17, 2016

About seven years ago I had a mesh sling put in. Since then, I have occasional but sometimes lengthy bouts of painful bladder, nighttime frequency. Wonder if they’re related. Wonder if there could be another cause. Loss of sleep is a problem.

Hi @sueb123, welcome to Connect! I found this article that discuses some treatment strategies for people experiencing similar pain, Do you experience these bouts every night?

I’d also like you to meet @kareniowa and @dawn_giacabazi who may be able to share their experiences with you.


Sorry I have no experience with the Bladder sling surgery. I hope someone else on Mayo Connect can help you. Mayo Connect is the GREATEST support place for just about any problem anyone might have! I would love to meet the person or persons that came up with the idea!

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