recurring abdominal adhesions

Posted by @lstabenowgmailcom, Oct 23, 2011

Does anyone else out there have problems with abdominal or pelvic adhesions? I have had several surgeries and have constant pain. Its really affected my life in a negative way. I have always been a very optimistic person, but I am feeling very overwelmed after my last surgery.

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I don't have time to really think about the memories. However, my health has decline tremendously and I'm receiving social security disability. Although I've been through a lot but I think it's ridiculously that it has taken 2 yrs to get a favorably ruling for my disability and additional 6 mon before receiving my first check. So, I'm working to have Adhesion & Pelvic Disease added to Soc Sec Disability Compassionate List. This would allow for a disability ruling within 30 days.

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Hi @sunnshyne !! I read your post and I was wondering, were you able to add adhesion and pelvic disease to the SSA disability compassionate list? I’m considering applying for SSDI due to the severe adhesive disease that I deal with. I’ve had multiple surgeries where adhesions were removed and they keep reforming. I’ve had a couple SBOs and I’m in constant, mostly 7-8.5/10 pain and I am now on short term disability through work due to the pain. Thank you for your help and I’m so happy that you were finally able to receive disability.

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