Recurrent vaginal irritation/painful intercourse

Posted by court135 @court135, Sep 16, 2020

For a year and a half: Recurrent vulva irritation/itching/redness that happens every month a week before my period. Then my period makes it go away. Biopsies show irritated fibroepithelial cells. No type of Rx cream helping. Hormone related? Recurrent yeast? What lab tests should I ask my Dr to do?
On top of that, painful intercourses that I have never had before. Super painful as if I’m being ripped apart. STDs negative. Possibly vulvodynia.

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@court135 Oh my goodness are speaking to me. I could have written this very post. I'm sorry that I cant offer specific tests but, I'm wondering if you take a probiotic? I am on a 3 week birth control rotation meaning no period. I did this years ago at my OBGYN's recommendation because I was prone to yeast infections with period onset. I've used Diflucan for yeast and as of late, I use over the counter QUEEN V - the eraser. I purchase at Target.

I also have Small Fiber Polyneuropathy so I believe much of my pain also comes from nerve damage which indeed can affect feminine parts as well as whole body. You describe ripping with intercourse. Me too sadly.

Keep talking to your Dr. It may be about better flora health for you. I wish you the best. Please feel free to reach out if I help further.

My best to you,


Has lichen sclerosis been suggested as a possible diagnosis? Your symptoms sound very familiar to those I had before I found treatment. Talk to your gynecologist or dermatologist.

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