Diagnosed with PV, any avid skiers? Any precautions for sports?

Posted by wendy517 @wendy517, Apr 28 8:12am

I'd like to understand how you felt in elevations, like in Utah, Colorado, VT.
It seems as long as I check my numbers before I fly out, get a phlebotomy if needed I should be good. Doc made me feel skiing is a risk, any sport is a risk and we need to live our lives. Feedback?

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I was nervous about flying from all I’ve read about PV and blood clots. I was told the same thing. It’s safe as long as my numbers are good before going. Skiing? If it’s your passion, I’d say go for it. High altitudes will thicken your blood so the risk will be higher for clots. Maybe wear support socks to help circulation? It’s a personal decision and you are well informed. The choice is yours.

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