Recent Heart attack

Posted by cturner01 @cturner01, Feb 26, 2022

Hello everyone. I haven’t been on this group for awhile, but was very active for a year when my heart was in what they called permanent AFIB. In May of last year I had an ablation. After healing & Amiodarone, it went back into rhythm & has stayed. Ive been doing great,, but last Wednesday had a heart attack, so I may need to go to another group. Anyway, heart cath showed no blockages, no stints or surgery needed. Heart remained in rhythm. There was a narrow place at the end of an an artery that spasmed causing the heart attack. What causes the heart to spasm? In addition to the 200 mg of Amiodarone & 5mg Eliquis, they’ve added Amilodipine 5mg, cardvedilol 3.125mg, isosorbide daily, rosuvastatin calcium 29 mg, & a 0.4 nitro subl to carry in my purse. I’m a bit overwhelmed & terrified of so many prescription drugs. I’ve been reading about the drugs & of course don’t want to have another heart attack. I won’t see the cardiologist until 3/30, but I was wondering if cholesterol pill is normal protocol. My cholesterol on labs are always good. I really don’t want to take this pill. Also the nitro pill is listed under who should not take isosorbide mononitrate Er – One of the conditions is a heart attack???Anyone experienced this & how are you doing?

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Hey @cturner01,
Sorry to hear about your recent heart attack. How long were you in permanent AFIB?
Have you reached out to your medical care team to ask what you should do about the medication?


I was in AFIB for about a year. I will have a list of questions for my cardiologist at my next appointment on the 30th.

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