Recent gallbladder surgery

Posted by genocurt @genocurt, Tue, Jan 14 6:52am

I had my gallbladder removed through laparoscopic surgery just a couple of weeks ago. All the symptoms are gone, yeah! However, I have pain to the touch in the skin, not the incisions, around where the gallbladder was. I asked my doctor during my 2 week follow up and he was not concerned. He said to come back in a month if the pain persists. Has some experienced this? I wonder if I have some nerves inflamed.

Hi @genocurt – I think you are correct in that the nerves may be inflamed from the procedure of removing the gallbladder. It should get less and less with time. Isn’t it nice not to have those symptoms?!


Thanks. I would like to hear from other people to see if someone has experienced something similar as I have been doing research over the internet and I have not found any reference to this type of sensitivity. My skin is not red or anything like that, it is just very sensitive to the touch around the place where I think the gallbladder was located. That part is still swollen, but the incisions look very good.

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