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Recent gallbladder surgery

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Hi, @blueve97 – welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I've moved your post here to this existing discussion on recent gallbladder surgery so that you can connect with others who've also had this operation.

I, too, had gallbladder surgery a number of years ago. My surgery was laparoscopic, so I do have a scar, but a fairly small one (though not pretty, admittedly). I don't recall ever having had swelling or pain beyond right the week or so after my surgery.

I'd like to introduce you to @genocurt along with @karihammel @khh @worriedlovingwife, who have mentioned gallbladder surgery for them personally or for someone close to them. Hoping they will have some experiences and input to share on whether they've experienced any post-surgical issues like you are describing. @astaingegerdm also may have some thoughts for you.

Have you gotten to go back to the surgeon or his/her nurse to see if they have any thoughts on the swelling and pain you are experiencing, blueve97? If so, what did they say about it?

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I have and they did a ct scan and an mri as well as gastroscopy and a colonoscopy and found nothing. I’ve had bloodwork done that showed I had high liver enzymes but they don’t know why