ReActiv8 Restorative Nurostimulation

Posted by mom2five @mom2five, Dec 14, 2021

After 3 1/2 years trying to determine why I get bent over at the waist after approximately a half hour on my feet it has gotten worse I’ve had several diagnosis but nothing concrete. New MRIs from last week with x-rays now I’m told The deep muscle group in my lumbar region are week and, that is the cause. 3 1/2 years ago I fell on my bottom after a big dog was playing and jumped up on me, after approximately two weeks this weakness began but has become more severe. It was thought that I had some spinal stenosis but now the pain specialist says that’s not an option. He wants me to get the “ ReActiv8 Life” restorative Nurostimulation device implanted. The information I received appeared to be this was used to ease or eliminate pain in the Low back. I have very little pain mine is mainly weakness and only causes pain if I remain on my feet for longer than I probably should. Any information positive or negative would be appreciated thank you

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I’d get away from the pain doc and find a spectacular neurosurgeon. Have him/her review the imaging WITH you. Mine missed the screw traversing my spinal canal at T6 and the broken rod. If the neurosurgeon won’t go through it with you, you need a better one. Just my suggestion. You obviously have a nerve pinched that’s weakening a muscle group. Check a dermatone chart and see what levels might be affected.

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