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Rapid Heart Rate. Normal?

Posted by @shimmer86, Sat, Jan 19 6:36am

I have warn a fitbit for a couple years know. However, over the past couple of months I have noticed my heart rate jumping up over little activity sure as walking to the bathroom, putting the kids to bed, or even cooking a meal. I've never had this happen before. Most nights as I'm getting in bed and I lay down my chest feels heavy for a little while and I breath kind of heavy. Feels like I just did a workout. But really all I've done is walk from the bathroom to the bed. I thought It maybe due to being out of shape. I'm 32, 122lb, and 5'2'. So I decided to go to the gym. Day one and two were ok. By day three I noticed just 5mins on the treadmill my heart rate is in the 150s sometimes 160s. I'm only at a speed of 3 and incline of 2.5. I had to get off yesterday due to feeling limp and dizzy for a sec. I was only on for about 15mins. Last year I was able to do a speed of 5 and incline of 4 with heart rate no higher then 130s. What could be the change. I have my physical mid March when insurance will cover my visit. Should I make another appointment? Heart problems do run in my family but at a much older age.


@shimmer86 Your heart shouldn't be like this especially since your experiencing chest heaviness Make an appointment with your cardiologist as soon as
possible and decrease your exercises for now .

@shimmer86– I highly recommend that you ask your GP for a referral to see a cardiologist. Especially in light that these issues run in your family your descriptions of what you are experiencing at home & the gym seem to point to something going on. My recommendation is to aire on caution and if there is nothing going on you will have hopefully eliminated any anixity about your condition. No one knows your body better than you! Keep track of your symthoms, length of time, etc. so when you have your appt. you can better be prepared. Best of luck! Jim @thankful

I have cardiac problems and fast heart rate. These symptoms and your heart rate numbers are too fast. Do not exercise until you see your doctor asap. This is not something to wait and see.

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