Radiologist lung nodule report

Posted by akfishinmom1 @akfishinmom1, Jun 29, 2021

Mine was an incidental find for a Calcium CT test. 18mm x 18mm ground glass with a sub solid part. No dimensions for the subsolid portion, nor a description like smooth or spiculated. Recommended 6 month CT scan. Do people typically get more detail on the nodule? Compared to other reports I’ve seen in groups it seems like minimal information.

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I believe the usual approach for an incidental finding of a nodule is to watch if there are no other indications of illness. One member has had a nodule watched for nearly 10 years.

The amount of detail provided is up to the reporting doc, whether the radiologist or the ordering physician. If you want more information on the nodule and the decision, try a call to the referring physician.

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