My Dad has terrible burns from radiation. Any suggestions to help?

Posted by mimz59 @mimz59, Nov 1, 2018

My Dad has terrible burns on his back from radiation. Any suggestions would be appreciated?

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Hi! I had Hodgkins and I remember those burns! No joke and I’m so sorry he is going through all that pain. I used a cream called Silvadene and it was prescribed by my radiologist. The skin in my underarms basically just slid off and this was the ONLY thing that helped . ❤️

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I had 37 treatments to my chest and was also prescribed silvadene cream to use until open wounds healed. Worked well.


I also had radiation on my back. The last three days of treatment I asked the nurse if this is when she puts on the Barbeque sauce. It did take a while but it does heal. The big red shadow of the site still exists and probably always will, but there is no pain. I do, however, have back scratchers in every room of the house. But I can live with that. Good luck.

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BBQ sauce is hilarious. My skin discoloration went away after about 6 months.

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