R shoulder replaced 9 years ago movement not good

Posted by boomboom @boomboom, Feb 27 11:11pm

Recently had my left shoulder replaced. My right was done 9 years ago it was starting to feel as bad as my left one full of arthritis. My doctor thinks he should take the titanium shaft and ball out and replace it with a reverse shoulder. The X-ray shows that the muscle that runs down the middle of the ball on the right side dropped lower then the left muscle on the left shoulder. Taking the joint out and replacing with a reverse shoulder makes no sense to me why not repair the muscle there is no joint damage. I need some better explanation please. I can get pictures off my other phone if necessary.

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@boomba You need to ask your doctor these same questions, so he can explain exactly why he thinks a reverse is better than trying to heal muscles. In my case, my surgeon said my options were a regular TSR or a reverse TSR. He said my rotator cuff was frayed and borderline of being able to heal well from a TSR. I opted for a reverse, because I did not want to go through surgery twice in case the regular TSR failed in a few years. I am very happy with the results, and the bonus is that you can start PT a few weeks earlier than with a regular TSR, because you don't have to wait for the removed rotator cuff muscles to heal. I have no pain, and full vertical lift, so glad to reach those top shelf items again. The only difference is not being able to reach behind my back at a high angle, but I can't do that with my other "good" arm anyway. If your muscle situation does not allow for a good surgical result, he should be able to explain to you why not.


When u put it that way it makes sense. I was un aware there was less PT with the reverse or less time.


I wouldn't say there is necessarily less PT, that would depend on each individual case and how you respond to the surgery and PT. But you can start PT earlier because there are no frontal rotators left in place to heal before you can get started. I started with official PT at two weeks after reverse surgery, I read where you need to wait at least four weeks with a standard TSR. There are home "exercises" you are shown to do while still in the hospital, which are basically gentle passive pendulum movements from the shoulder to keep the new joint flexible, as well as some hand to elbow flexing movements. But muscles and tissues are still healing, so more strenuous PT has to wait.

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