questions about uterine fibroids.

My mom is found to have an uterine fibroid of 4 cm in diameter, with swollen on her adnexa of uterus. She is 48 years old. She had her 2nd baby 5 and half years ago. She feels a lot of pain in her period every month, but she does not feel anything when she is not in her period. She is not planning to have more baby in the future. She has hypertension/high blood pressure of around 160/110.

My specific questions are:
1. How serious the problem of having this size of uterine fibroid?
2. What treatments would be suggested in my mom’s case?
3. If do surgery, is it suggested to get rid of the uterine fibroids, or the whole uterus?

Thank you for any responses!

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Please review this link to information Mayo Clinic has on Uterine fibroids.
You may also find this link – to a group discussion on Uterine fibroids in Women’s Health helpful.

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@shuaishuaiforxiuqin, Please check with a variety of gynecologists regarding fibroids. Interestingly, their advice depends on their personal stance on surgery. In response to question 2, there is the Myomectomy to remove the fibroids without removing the uterus. A friend said her fibroids returned, so this is not a guarantee for everyone. Some women have hysterectomies and their internal organs shift because the uterus is missing.

In response to question 3, here is my experience.

GYN #1: An Asian male was very obsessed with the Davinci surgery for hysterectomies. His eyes lit up as he described how the robot worked. He said it was a great piece of machinery and his plan was to become the leading expert. I told him I did not want surgery. He became upset and told me my life was at risk, the fibroids would damage my kidney and I would end up on dialysis if I did not schedule the surgery. His warning of dialysis terrified me and I left his office crying.
GYN #2: He was in disbelief when I told him what #1 said. He said #1 was wrong to try to bully a patient into surgery by instilling fear. He said I would not die or end up on dialysis, but I should consider surgery.
GYN #3: He was very honest. He said his practice was successful, so he did not need to perform surgeries for money or status. He did not see any reason for me to have surgery. He suggested complementary alternative medicines, depo-provera shots, or birth control pills to control excessive bleeding.

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