Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Posted by Merry, Volunteer Mentor @merpreb, Nov 20, 2018

Hello- After four lung cancers over a span of 21 years I asked my pulmonologist about learning to breathe more effectively. She sent me to the local hopsital’s Pulmonary Rehab. I haven’t looked back since. Has anyone else taken a program like this?

no thank you for the information. I will ask about program to my doctor


Hello Merry……..Happy New Year to you as well. My husband and I were just talking about pulmonary rehab today. We just got the results of his latest PET scan today. It's so odd (still). It's been a year now, they still don't know what type of cancer he has but they are leaning toward lung, but they have no actual proof, so still no treatment (other than the CBD/THC). Another scan in 3 months. I'm going to share on the lung cancer thread to see if there is anyone else over there with a similar experience.
My husband's COPD is pretty well managed but since we don't have numerous tests, biopsies and scans coming up in the next few months (we hope) we're going to try to fit in the rehab because it seems to help so many. At this point we're patching up any problems we can identify and trying to make him as strong and well as possible. Thanks for asking!

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maybe this will help, call Randel @ 1- 760-676-6234 they have a cancer clinic and you can talk direct to a doctor if you wish. good luck

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