Psychogenic seizures

Posted by jamestmckay @jamestmckay, May 18 9:21am

Does anyone have psychogenic seizures I get therapy have a psychiatrist have a neurologist I'm wondering is there surgery that can stop them or does anyone know any medicine that will stop them I take valium three times a day and I get therapy for the trauma and the stressors in my life is there anything else I can do I hate seizures they make me very tired anymore if I would have a psychogenic seizure spell that lasts for three four five hours I was told to go to the ER I'm not experts who know about psychogenic seizures say the ER and the neurologist at the hospital don't understand psychogenic seizures nor treat the person right who's having them and that's been my experience in the past when I went to the ER for them and then the neurologist says it's my fault because I can't handle the stressors in my life and the hospital doctor and the nurses in the brain unit where I was at says it's not my fault and experts say they can be deadly under the right circumstances and they can make you temporarily not be able to walk and more stuff they can do to you the seizures that I can't talk about cuz I'm too scared of it I wish I can talk to expert about this therapy is working me and my therapist and doctor hoping they will go away in time we are working on it the seizures are going away almost there thank God James T

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I've had Epilepsy for nearly 60 years but never had a psychogenic seizure, at least not that I am aware. Since these episodes are psychologically induced perhaps Cognitive Behavioral Therapy would be beneficial and worth discussing with your physician. It has been quite helpful for many people. I believe it's essential to come to terms with whatever trauma(?) is triggering these episodes.
How often do they occur and how long do they last?
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I am sorry for the experiences you have been having.
I also did not have the experience of psychogenic seizures.
You said you are in therapy right now. Is your psychologist a neuropsychologist? This has made a huge difference to me and my treatment. My neuropsychologist, who did my Neuropsychological Assessment and with whom I have weekly sessions for some years already, has been of great help in overcoming my fear of seizures and many other things related to my epilepsy. Psychiatrists as far as I know treat mostly through medication, differently from psychiatrists or neuropsychologists. A psychiatrist does not substitute a psychologist or neuropsychologist!
Best of luck!
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To my knowledge, Psychogenic Seizures will not kill you as long as they occur in circumstances that don’t present additional risks such as driving a car, etc. . They are very embarrassing, worrisome, and inconvenient. I believe the medical field has a long way to go to adequately understand the condition. I believe we have only touched the surface of the cause and physiology of the seizures. One thing that can help is to learn to pace yourself through each day, without rushing, and limit how much you put on your plate at any given time. Take on only what you can handle at the moment and focus only on it. Avoid spreading yourself too thin and take each day at a steady and doable pace. The rest will have to be balanced as best as possible. I hope this helps.

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