Protracted Benzo withdrawal

Posted by aarniek @aarniek, Oct 30, 2016

Taken of 8mg of Ativan daily in 3 weeks and suffering terribly nearly 4 years now! Unable to walk ,have insane muscle tightness,no memory,tinnius is unbearable,unable to picture things in my mind ! After 45 months it’s worse than ever and 2 neurologists have tried only medications which all made me even worse!


I think that I would look upon them as a questionable sometimes necessary evil. Recent studies claim that 85% of people over 70 on a Benzo will develop a form of dementia. Not worth the risk in my thinking.

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I actually had this conversation with my psychiatrist this week because I've seen some of those same articles. Her wise and experienced reply was that the meds MAY cause dementia somewhere down the road but at this point, there is nothing definite and it could be just as easily dementia from genetics, old age, alcohol etc. Rather than worry and stress about what MIGHT be, I would rather live with some more mental stability in the here and now. I equate this concern to those who need a knee replacement but are only in their 50s so they plan to wait till they are in their 70s so it doesn't need to be done twice. 20 years of pain and reduced mobility vs. the unknown? Seems like a no brainer to me

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My doctor just recently prescribed Remeron (Mirtazapine) to help with sleep as I near the end of my taper. I'm currently down to 0.25mg of clonazepam. Does anyone here have any experience with Mirtazapine for sleep? I'm taking 7.5mg which is half a pill and seems to have restored my sleep issue which was a MAJOR part of withdrawal for me. Also, as I think back to why I even began taking Clonazepam some 20+ years ago, sleep was a major part of it. It's one of those chicken or the egg questions, what came first, anxiety or chronic insomnia? I'm 3 days into Remeron and so far so good. If this can help me combat the sleep issues, I'm pretty sure I can end my relationship with clonazepam for good. Another question I have here for anyone that has once been on this low is a dose of clonazepam is when would it be safe to just stop completely and "jump-off" from a dependency stand-point, 0.125mg? Thanks!

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