Prior Guillain Barre Syndrome patient. Ok to take Forteo?

Posted by maureent @maureent, Apr 17 9:43am

Hello! I am new to this group and have appreciated reviewing all the comments on Forteo. I acquired Guillain Barre Syndrome last year and my doctor advises that I not take any more vaccines for the time being. My endocrinologist recommends that I start on a course of Forteo because I have had two spontaneous toe stress fractures. I am 67, have osteoporosis (spinal T scores of -3.5) and have been on Fosamax for just under a year. None of my health care providers (including my neurologist) are aware of reoccurring GPS after taking Forteo and I can't find any articles on PubMed about this topic. Does anyone have any experience with prior or current GPS and/or Forteo? Thank you for any advice you may have!

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Welcome, @maureent. as you recognize, that is a question that only your physician can answer for you. It sounds like you have questioned all your doctors on this and no one has a definitive answer for you. Have you decided to go again with Forteo treatment?


Thank you for checking in, Colleen. In a follow up discussion with my endocrinologist, she doesn't believe there would be an autoimmune response when taking Forteo so I am going to start with this treatment.

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