Primary cancer lymphoma secondary lung cancer

Posted by bogie60 @bogie60, Feb 24 10:00am

2020 I was diagnosed with Follicular Cutaneus B Cell Lymphoma N. H. The first symptom was on my nose . Did radiation. Few yrs later nodule in my lung turn out to be cancer . Had surgery to remove it . I am stage O . My question is : could my lung cancer derive from my lymphoma as a secondary cancer ? Must mention the surgeon removed a small portion of my lung and 5 lymph nodes .
So could my lymphoma be the main culprit for my lung cancer ? Thank you

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Hello @bogie60 . After your lung surgery they would have done histopathology on the tumor and nodes to identify what type of tumor. Your oncologist should have that information for you. Or it could be on your portal under lab tests if you use the online approach. I had Squamous Cell Carcinoma from my ear show up twice in my lung and elsewhere. I don't know just where your type of lymphoma can show up. Can you contact either the surgeon or oncologist for your answer?


@bogie60, I agree with @sepdvm that this is a good question to ask your cancer team. After surgery to remove the nodule in your lung they would have analyzed it to know if it is a metastasis (spread) of the lymphoma or a new primary cancer of the lung.

Have you had a chance to review the pathology with your surgeon in the meantime?

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