Pregnancy testing before cancer treatment

Posted by lynnydave12 @lynnydave12, Oct 16, 2018

Hi all. I was diagnosed with stage 4 er+ breast cancer at the age of 37. No family history.

Question. Did anyone here that is child bearing age and ability have a pregnancy test before starting chemotherapy?
I was not given one, and it ended badly. Trying to see what some standard of care practices are, especially as more young women are being diagnosed.

Like you I was diagnosed with stage 4 ER+ breast cancer. It had spread to my liver and bones.

I wasn't given a pregnancy test before treatment. I was already 26 weeks along! I am 38 and have 4 kids. My baby is a healthy 4½ month old boy.

I went thru 3 cycles of AC (adriamycin/cytoxin) chemo while pregnant with my baby. I had the 4th and final cycle the day after he was born. He was 5½ weeks early, for reasons related to the cancer (he was fine).

I was offered a shot to protect my ovaries, but declined. After baby was born (a few months later) I had my tubes and ovaries removed.

I'd love to chat with you more, if you are willing.

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