Posted by fujiwara @fujiwara, Oct 22 6:37pm

We had sex on august and tested negatice after 17 days
And i had my period on sept but 3 and a half days only
And i tested negative again after 40 days
And i had my period on oct 21
Am i not pregnant anymore?

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@fujiwara – Welcome to Mayo Connect, where we can talk freely about our medical issues with others and share experiences.

When you ask "Am i not pregnant anymore?" I feel a little confused. Since both of your pregnancy tests were negative, and you have had two periods since you had intercourse, it is likely you never were pregnant.

Is this the first time you have had sex with someone? Not every act of intercourse leads to pregnancy. The woman must be in the right point of her cycle to release an egg, then the man's sperm must reach the egg and fertilize it. Finally, the egg must find its way into the uterus and implant before it can grow.

If you are hoping to become pregnant, you may just need to have intercourse more times before it will happen.

If you are hoping NOT to become pregnant, you need to visit a clinic for appropriate birth control. If you are below 18, there are teen clinics who can see you without telling your parents.

Can you tell me a little more about your concerns?

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