Posted by makennaross @makennaross, Aug 20, 2021

I have been using ovulation tests but have not gotten positive results. Any ideas on what could be causing this?

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Hi @makennaross and welcome to Mayo Connect. It’s frustrating not getting the positive results you’d like. I guess the first question is, are you sure you’re ovulating?

Our bodies sure can be fickle in their consistency with periods. Are you having regular periods and can you tell when you’re ovulating? It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the baby-zone. Some months I knew when I was ovulating and other months, not so much. There are signs our body gives out in the secretions during certain times of the month.

This is a good site from Mayo Clinic which tells what too look for to know when you’re ovulating:

Do you use the stick ovulation kit or the digital kit?
How many months have you tried the fertility tests?


@makennaross I would also like to add my welcome, along with Merry, to Connect. Right before my husband and I decided to conceive, I bought a Basal Body Thermometer to learn more about the timing of my cycle and found it to be very interesting and revealing.

It is a simple form of natural family planning that allows you to visually see the "spike" when you ovulate, based on the range of your resting body temperature. It is very easy and I kept it right on my bedside table so I could do it right when I woke up each morning. It may provide you with information about your cycle that you may not get from the ovulation kit, if you're interested in trying it out. Total bonus is now they are digital and link directly to an app on your phone! I've linked to one that I shared with a family member who was struggling to understand her cycle as well to show you an example.

– Basal Body Temperature (BBT):
– Basal Body Thermometer (example):
Have you ever heard of this option for tracking ovulation?

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