Prednisone increase amount to treat flare up

Posted by dpw @dpw, Apr 3 9:09am

I developed a very severe case of PMR 2 years ago. I started on a fairly high dose of prednisone and responded well quickly. I tapered to 15 mg and had a mild flare up so upped to 17 which resolved symptoms and subsequently slowed taper. Recently reduced from 10mg to 9mg and am experiencing a bad flare up. Increasing to 11 mg is not eliminating symptoms. Seeing my Dr takes many weeks. Looking for experience in how much to increase dose.

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When something like this happens I can call my doctor and leave a message. He gets back to me that day with instructions. I would advise contacting your doctor. He also has told me that I can increase my prednisone up to 25% when I have a flair. My perception is that he still wants me to contact him if I can't get the dose back down in a reasonable amount of time. Of course he also needs to know if prescription changes are necessary.

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