Precancer polyp in appendix

Posted by bonnieb81 @bonnieb81, Jan 8 5:17pm

I was diagnosed with 2 precancer, sesille, serrated polyps 3 mm and 6 mm in appendeceal orifice, plus a mass in cecum Concerning of Malignancy. After 3 colonoscopies, 3 Catscsns, and 3 surgeons, I now have a fine Dr. That plans surgery for removal of appendix and polyp in appendeceal orifice, if cancer cells are found, the s complete resection will be done. I understand this is very rare, only record of 1500 in USA (or total)? Has anyone experienced cancer of appendix by polyps?thank you!!

Hi @bonnieb81, I'm relieved to hear that you are in the care of a physician in whom you have confidence. It sounds like you now have a treatment plan and can move forward. I know @sundance6 @hopeful33250 @lah @wisco50 and others who were following your journey will also be interested in your update:
– Unresolved Colon/Appendix Issues and Spinal Epidural Lipomatosis (SEL)

@jellen619 @mouse1 have had cancer of the appendix and may have experience and support to offer.

Bonnie, when is your surgery scheduled?


Hello @bonnie81
I am so glad to get your post and know that you have a treatment plan in place and of course that you have a doctor who understands what is going on. You have been working on this diagnosis and treatment plan for a long time. While I've never had cancer of the appendix, I have had a rare form of cancer, carcinoid cancer (also known as neuroendocrine tumors) NETs.

As Colleen (@collenyoung) asked, I'm wondering if you have a surgery date scheduled? Do you have someone to care for your husband during your hospitalization and recovery?

Wishing you well!


Hi @bonnie81,
First of all, I want to wish you the best. I know this can all be very difficult to grasp and absorb. I too am a member of this rare club, pre-cancerous polyp in the appendix. At first, I had so many questions… I even canceled my operation at one point. Finally, I got to a point where I had to leave it in God's hands. The surgeons did not force me to do anything. It was all left up to me. It comes down to this, One option is to do nothing. The other option is to try and have the issue fixed. After all my research, I prayed for days and nights and finally came to the conclusion to try and have the issue fixed, before it got worse. I am at peace with my decision and continue to pray for a full and quick recovery (which has been happening).
In my case, on August 31, 2020. I had a right hemicolectomy, which means they removed half of my large intestine, some of my small intestine and all connecting blood vessels and lymph nodes on my right side. I know this sounds major (and it is) considering it was for a polyp, but it was done to assure all possible signs of possible cancer were removed and to have better blood circulation to remaining area. Also to avoid the need for more surgeries if cancer was present. Long story short, it turned out there was no cancer (Thank God). Recovery took 4 months and I am now finally feeling myself. I did have some complications (leak and infection = 10 days in hospital). I still feel some tightness in my abdomen but no pain to speak of. Scares healed well and fairly fast. Digestion is almost back to normal but I do feel full faster when eating meals and things like soda (due to gas) can be uncomfortable to consume.
Feel free to read my entries on these pages and please reach out to me if you have any questions.
Sending some prayers your way for a quick and full recovery. Take care.

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