Post stem cell transplant (SCT) relapse after 12 years

Posted by topeydane @topeydane, Mar 3 2:40pm

Have any of you relapsed after a long stint of being cancer free 12 plus yrs from CTCL from having a stem cell transplant? If so, what treatments worked for you? Or has anyone had a successful 2nd SCT after relapsing from your 1st Stem Cell Transplant. I’m scared.
Tomorrow I have an appointment at one of the leading cancer centers where I had my SCT in 2011. Some of the information online is frightening. I appreciate stories of what worked or didn’t work when attempting to get back to remission or extend life.

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Hi @topeydane. Well, darn it. It must feel like a gut punch after so many years of being cancer free. A relapse is the last thing any one of us with a SCT wants to hear. I’m so sorry this has happened with you.

I’d like to introduce you to @timt347. Tim had a SCT for AML and has experienced a relapse. From what I’m understanding, a 2nd transplant isn’t in the cards for Tim. But he is undergoing treatment. While your diseases are different the emotions are the same.
Does your doctor know if this is a relapse of CTCL or a new condition that has developed?


I’m so sorry to hear about the relapse! I had my SCT 7,5 years ago and doing well. However, I am part of a Facebook group of SCT recipients and several of them had to get a 2nd transplant. A few had it from the original donor. I hope doctors are able to offer you good options. There have been a lot of advances in treatment of blood cancers. Wishing you all the best!

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