Post Medical Abortion bleeding

Posted by craigk @craigk, Sep 19, 2020

Hello, I'm looking for information of what's considered "normal" bleeding for post medical abortion. My girlfriend had a medical abortion two weeks ago and everything seemed to be going as outlined in the documentation. At the two week mark, when bleeding had pretty much completely subsided (maybe faint sight of blood) we had sex, and now the bleeding has started again, however it is a heavy flow. She has had to change her ultra absorption pads essentially every hour as it has been completely saturated with blood. She is experiencing slight cramps, but the bleeding is continuing. We are currently at the end of the first full day of bleeding following intercourse. Is this worth seeking out medical attention at the hospital? She says she feels ok and does not want to go to the emergency at the hospital, but I'm starting to worry. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you

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Every hour changing a pad is always an indicator there is a problem. Go to the ER now… no discussion


@craigk. I know from personal experience this is not normal. Get to the Urgent Care
or ER. It is great you are looking out for your gal but she needs medical attention now.


@craigk, I agree with @miriam57 and @bustrbrwn22 that your girlfriend would be wise to seek medical attention. I'm glad that she is feeling okay, but you want to be safe rather than risk a serious issue.

Here's some further reading you may wish to consult as well.
– Period After Abortion: What to Expect from Related Bleeding and Menstruation

The article states:
"Blood flow is typically heavier with a medical abortion than a surgical abortion.
"Seek immediate medical attention if you soak through two or more sanitary pads per hour for more than 2 hours in a row."

Were her periods heavy before? Exercise can also cause heavier bleeding. In addition to having sex, did she also exercise or do physical activity? Please let us know what you learn from the doctor.


@craigk Hi, Craig, trying not to be pushy or nosy but do you have any updates?

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