How do I know if I have post interferon syndrome?

Posted by mrhaney @mrhaney, Dec 16, 2021

how do you get tested yo see if I have this also took Ribavirin

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Good question, @mrhaney. The combination of interferon and ribavirin is now no longer used as safer, shorter highly effective and more tolerable tablet only treatments are now available. For example, newer treatments called direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) are now the standard of care for treating hepatitis C. This is largely because they’ve been shown to be more effective than interferons and to cause fewer side effects.

But if you’ve taken interferons in the past, you might still be seeking information on the side effects that may occur due to long-term hepatitis C treatment with interferons.

The list of side effects is long. You can read more here:
– Interferons for Hepatitis C: Understanding the Long-Term Side Effects

Talk with your doctor. They can tell you if symptoms you’re experiencing may be linked with previous treatment with interferons and if you have post interferon syndrome. They can also offer ways to help ease your symptoms.


I've been to neurologist including mda orthopedic surgeons Veins and arteries need 11 what they call procures i need surgery on my neck right hip need braces for my legs for stability i can not afford all this Im permanently disabled Is post interferon syndrome recognized by ama?

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