Post Covid lingering cough - How have you dealt with treatment?

Posted by smokinwaters @smokinwaters, Mar 25 6:15pm

I contracted Covid (confirmed - twice with tests) in early March. No fever or chills or lung issues. Horrible nasal congestion and headaches. Lasted about 8 days. Ten days after my first symptom I was feeling 'pretty good'. I went back to work and the first week I was fine with a barely noticeable dry cough. Week two back to work and the dry cough continued. I would get short of breath after exertion. I do not smoke. I'm 58 and in general good health. I went to my provider and he kept nodding his head as I described my symptoms. He prescribed Prednisone and an Albuterol Inhaler. He said don't be surprised if the dry cough issue hangs around a couple of months.

My provider said this 2024 strain has been milder but has a track record for the post-Covid lingering cough!

I've never had breathing or shortness of breath, and it's a bit of a concerning issue for someone experiencing it for the first time! I have no phlegm or anything to expel when I cough. My O2 levels are 98, so I'm guessing all is fine. But, this very annoying cough and (SOB) can be a quick wake-up call when you're not ready for it.

Love to hear if anyone else has had similar issues that the Prednisone worked or perhaps there is something else you think I might try? Much love...

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I have found significant relief from cough and throat clearing using a Pulmicort inhaler.


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