Post Ablation Medications

Posted by koleke @koleke, Sep 30, 2022

Hi Everyone - I have a question that I hope one of you can relate to and share your experience. I have been diagnosed with A-Fib since 2019, but had only rare occurrences of rapid heartbeat and no other symptoms. In December of 2021 I went into permanent A-Fib (with no other symptoms). I had been taking Eliquis and Metoprolol since 2019. They did an ablation in April of 2022 and so far I have had no recurring episodes of AFib. My question is, why do they continue keeping me on Eliquis and now Carvedilol if I am in normal rhythm? Has anyone out there weaned themselves off of these meds? I still take a blood pressure medicine in addition to the above. I am tired a lot even though I am a very active 68 year old. I tired of being tired! Thanks for any input you have!

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I had Ablation Surgery in 2020 at Mayo Clinic and am on Eliquis 5 mg, twice a day. I was told I should continue it for the rest of my life. Basically because I have a history of two DVT that were found with no symptoms. And that with my history of AFIB it can cause a higher chance of Blood Clots, etc… I am 78 years old, and yes the Eliquis makes me tired but I still have so much more energy and not depressed like I was with all the AFIB Medication I was on prior to the Ablation..I found if I lay down everyday for a short Nap or just relax it gives me a great energy Boost…


Are you taking any other medications like carvedilol to slow the heart rate or blood pressure medication? Thank you for your response!


No, I am not taking any other meds. My Blood Pressure has always been low, and after the Ablation it is even lower.


Hi koleke Welcome to Connect, I myself have had quite a few ablations for a different heart condition called VT which is short for Ventricle Tachycardia. I'm a little familiar with afib but haven't had it myself. But as for ablations I've had quite a few.
Typically after an ablation they usually don't change medications right away as the Heart is a bit sensitive after the ablation and needs to heal. But your question may be best answered by your doctor as at least with me the ablations were done in Lou of more medication. Once they did try and lower mine but it actually turned out not possible and I had a trip back to the hospital to get my medications up to a good level with IV infusions.
So I hope that helps and I would definitely ask at your next visit and I like @mercuryrose answer too as I myself injoy a nice afternoon nap on those days I'm a bit more tired. Usually gives quite a boost. Let me know if I can help further

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