Possible third neck dissection

Posted by jenjenmn @jenjenmn, Apr 12 9:10am

had my original TT and neck dissection in July 2017. Then a second central compartment dissection in March 2021. I had a PET scan last October and it showed a couple of lymph nodes in the thyroid bed and my endo referred me to Mayo In Rochester, MN to see about an alcohol ablation. The doctor there said I am probably not a candidate for that procedure due to there being too many lymph nodes. He said I would likely need a third neck dissection. He also said he was not recommending RAI post surgery. My pathology report say I have papillary thyroid cancer with tall cell features. I am very worried about having a third neck dissection with all the scar tissue from the first two surgeries! So far I have not had any post-op complications except some voice issues after the initial surgery and that resolved on its own. My thyroglobulin is at 37. Also, my chest CT showed new lung nodules they are concerned about and want to watch closely. Has anyone had thycan with tall cell features actually achieved remission for longer than 5 years?? It says in all the journal articles tall cell is associated with poor clinical outcomes. I’m very scared this is going to invade my trachea or other soft neck tissue.

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