Possible Causes- Chronic nausea and headache

Posted by andriadawn321 @andriadawn321, Jun 1, 2021

I get nauseous a lot. Sometimes if I don't eat soon enough, other times right after I eat. I tried to keep a food log in suspect of food intolerance but can find no correlation. Fast food makes me sick anytime I eat it, but otherwise I have a hard time finding a correlation. I've recently started getting terrible motion sickness if I'm in a car or plane too long. I get frequent migraines, half of which are suspected to be hormonal. I've recently started getting pretty frequent headaches as well. Nearly every day I have a dull pounding headache, usually in my temples and behind my eyes. I have pretty horrible vision and am sensitive to light (especially fluorescent) and not sure that has anything to do with it. I'm a pretty perpetually picky eater so have questioned being low in a nutrient or vitamin. I had digestive issues sometimes and get bloated often.
Is there any way all of this is related? Day to day life is beginning to feel like a chore and I'd like to know how to address any of this with my doctor.

Also, possibly unrelated, I've had trouble conceiving both with my first child and now that I'm TTC again, even though I am ovulating correctly and husband is fine also.

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Hello @andriadawn321 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I can see you have several different symptoms and are rightfully questioning if they could potentially all be related. I am not a medical professional, but would wonder if you've had recent bloodwork to rule out any imbalances to start?

Also, I am wondering if any of this correlates with potentially going off of birth control or change in any medication?


I've been off birth control for a year and a half, and most of these symptoms (aside from the migraines) started after I had Covid in November. Which could also have caused something. The only blood work my PCP has done is to rule out thyroid issues. Is there any other blood work I should request?

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