Can pneumonia vaccine prevent pneumonia if you have COVID-19?

Posted by basslakebabe19 @basslakebabe19, Apr 29, 2020

Will the pneumonia shot prevent someone from getting pneumonia if they develop Covid-19?

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I just asked my doc this yesterday. I’m in my 70s and am up to date on all pneumonia vaccines. He says none of them offer protection for COVID or its resulting pneumonia.


@basslakebabe19 @annedodrill44 – You are correct- the pneumonia shots don’t protect us from the covid-19 pneumonia. However, it would protect against a secondary pneumonia which could happen when your lungs are infected with virus.
The Pneumococcal pneumonia is the most serious threat to us past 65-70. We can still get other pneumonias common in our community.


Thanks for your comments; I suspected that the shot was ineffective regarding the Corona virus but thought Others might know with more certainty. Darn it!


Here's is an excerpt from an article on the Mayo Clinic News Network that underlines what @astaingegerdm shared.
"It's important to get your annual flu vaccine and check whether you have received pneumococcal vaccine. Because COVID-19 and influenza have similar symptoms, it can be difficult to differentiate between the two. When you get a flu vaccine, you greatly decrease your risk of being infected with the flu. If you develop COVID-19 symptoms, that makes it easier for your care team to determine the source of those symptoms."

In this interview, Dr Poland stresses:
"What's really going to be key is to encourage everybody 6 months of age and older, which is the national recommendation, to get a flu vaccine and in this case to get it as early as it's available ― not wait until December and January."
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Short answer: Doctors advise to get both the flu vaccine and pneumonia vaccine.


This is a detailed, complicated question, but I'll throw it out there anyway, just to see what happens, and to possibly compare notes with others in similar situations.

As best I can tell, I had cold or flu twice this winter, once in November and again in late February to mid-March or later. This was after receiving the flu shot in fall. The second "cold or flu" was accompanied (preceded, if memory is correct) by strange abdominal pains and loss of appetite, symptoms which I have, as far as I can remember, never had before with a respiratory illness. Illness #2 had the usual runny nose, and cough of cold or flu. I was also extremely fatigued, but had days when I felt okay again. It (illness #2) seemed to be pretty much done with me around Feb 17th, maybe.

Possibly, "cold or flu" # 2 was covid19. I'll probably never know. I am still run-down, though wired-up with anxiety, healing small cuts very slowly, finding it difficult to get fresh healthy food, and not digesting especially well, though doing better at that at last. Additionally, I have high blood pressure, don't know if that's relevant.

Here's my question (finally, and thank you for reading this far) After all that insult to my immune system, is it worth it to get a pneumonia shot at this point? (It would be my first ever) Will my immune system be able to do the usual reaction and protection, now that it's been through the wringer, so to speak? Also, (this is way overthinking it, maybe) what if it was covid and I am still not fully recovered from it? (no present-time symptoms, no fever, no cough, no chills) Would the burden of a pneumonia vaccine send the immune system over the edge? Good luck, and thanks, anybody who wants to tackle this messy inquiry!


@zep..I am glad to hear that you are doing better. Have you discussed the issue of pneumonia shot with your doctor? My doctor makes sure I take my flu shots every year, and I had my two pneumonia shots. I too have hypertension, and the pneumonia shot did not cause any problems. I take my immunizations very seriously, better safe than sorry. I missed my 2nd shingle shot this year, that's a different story. At least I had the "old" shingle vaccine. I would suggest that you call your doctor and see what he says.


mayofeb2020 – Thank you, and thank you for your reply. Good suggestion.

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