Pneumonia or not

Posted by briz @briz, Aug 7, 2022

Pneumonia or not. Having pain between shoulder blades, both sides of rib cage, pain breathing in my O2 is 96-98 on prednisone not working & tiredness

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Welcome to Mayo Connect. I'm sorry you are feeling so ill with no answers. We are a community of fellow patients, trying to help one another along the way. But we cannot diagnose for you – merely suggest ways for you to find some answers. It will be easier to find someone to talk with if we have a little more information.
Pneumonia is best diagnosed with an x-ray image to look for lung involvement. Has your provider ordered one since the prednisone is not working?
Also, with compromised lungs and fatigue, it is possible some other infection has taken up residence. Are you coughing? Do you have a lot of mucus? This can be lab tested to figure out what is happening.


Hi @briz, I thought I'd check in to see how you are doing. Did you see a doctor about your symptoms and suspected pneumonia? How are you feeling?

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