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Posted by @alicea, Jan 5, 2013

Hi: Have been treated for 3 yrs for PMR. Was on prednisone for 21/2 yrs but
caused my blood sugar to go to high. I elected to get off the prednisone because
of the side effects, including skin thinning and bleeding. Started off with 20mg
for 3 days and felt better while on prednisone. Doctor took me down to 5mg
which I was on for over 2 yrs. I then had a relapse and went back to 40mg
evidently tapering back down to 10. After my blood sugar went to high I
went off the prednisone then taking Meloxicam. After being off the prednisone my pain and discomfort returned along with stiffness. Is there anyone out there
that has tried anything else to deal with the pain and stiffness?



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Posted by @barbararene, Mon, Feb 20 9:12pm

I don’t know if this site is still active,but wanted to know how you are doing. I also have pmr.

Posted by @JustinMcClanahan, Tue, Feb 21 8:50am

Hello @barbararene, thank you for popping in to this conversation regarding PMR. Mayo Clinic Connect underwent changes recently to create a more engaging and active community so that everyones voice can be heard and Connections can be made. Thank you for checking in on @alicea, I hope she comes back to tell the community how she is doing.

@barbararene, I see that you also started a conversation on PMR in the Autoimmune group and have met a few members there. I just wanted to thank you for checking in on an older member who hasn’t posted in awhile.

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