PMR With severe joint pain. what can I do?

Posted by lindaadel @lindaadel, Nov 5 10:48am

After seven months on prednisone I am now down to 1 mg of prednisone. I will be finished the end of this week and my rheumatologist does not believe in medication unless the pain is intolerable. Does anyone have any suggestions for me because this pain is really not good specially early in the day!!!

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@lindaadel, If it were me, I would have a discussion with my rheumatologist. Seven months might be a little soon to expect to be off of prednisone. My first time was 3 and half years. Six years later my PMR came out of remission and it took me 1 and half years to taper off of prednisone. I think it took less time because I had made some lifestyle changes with more daily exercise and eating a healthier diet with less inflammatory foods. There is another discussion you might find helpful:
— PMR Dosages and Managing Symptoms:

You might find the document shared by @nyxygirl in another post here helpful: Disease stratification in GCA and PMR: state of the art and future perspectives –

You mentioned the pain is not good early in the day. Do you keep a daily pain log along with the dose of prednisone for the day?


Thank you so much for your reply!!! I appreciate it very much!!! it gives me a lot of good advice to really think about!!!


Does anyone here have Lupus and PMR? I was diagnosed first with PMR 14 mo this ago along with Lupus. I have recently had my arms and hands go numb during sleep. It’s the strangest sensation and it scared me to say the least. I’ve had the hand tingling for some time but the lack of feeling and numbness is most recent. I sleep on my back too. Could this be a flare? Down to 7 mg Prednisone. Anyone else experiencing similar symptoms? Oh and I have developed high blood pressure I believe due to the 14 months on prednisone. 😊. Was just starting to feel almost well again then this happened 2 nights ago. I would love to hear from you if you have any comments or advice. Of course I am calling my Rheumatologist tomorrow. Thanks so much.


Prednisone produces so many problems that unless the pain in severe to intolerable where being bed ridden is the outcome I wouldn’t take it can destroy every cell in the body. Good doctors use it as a last redort

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