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Posted by cindyjane @cindyjane, Mar 21 9:27am

Today I go and get evaluated at a place called Balanced Life. It deals with diet, message, acupuncture, wellness, etc. I believe stress is my biggest contributing factor to PMR. I will keep you posted on my results. Today I'm at 7mg of Prednisone. I will keep my fingers crossed that this will keep my pain at bay. It started in my shoulders and hips in December. Now it's in my wrists and fingers. Weird!

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Yes keep us updated I am similar dx in December. I am pretty sure I know the stressful event that put me over the edge. I take 7.5mg it keeps PMR in Chk for the most part. Does the 7mg not do it for u? I also put a lot of effort into lifestyle mgt – diet, exercise, PT, acupuncture and I do float therapy. It all helps keep me functioning!


I had similar symptoms, and my diagnosis was changed to inflammatory poly arthritis and I was put on hydroxychloroquine. It has helped the hands some, but there is still swelling and joint pain in every joint in my hands. I have another appointment with my rheumatologist next week.
I also had a second opinion from another rheumatologist who agreed with my diagnosis. I understand that PMR can mimic other conditions, and as I have said before I believe I had an inflammatory response to my mild case of COVID in late December 2021. The second rheumatologist agreed with me, the first medical professional to do so.
Bottom line, it's the inflammation that I need to conquer. Hopefully, the meds, exercise, healthy diet, etc. will all help.
I continue to follow this site as I find all of you so helpful and supportive, especially with the tapering of prednisone.
Best of luck to you.


I did have swelling and pain in my hands before I was diagnosed with PMR. Along with issue raising my arms. I already had an inflammatory condition Ankylosis Spondylitis but these were issues I normally had. Usually it was hips down. Once I started the prednisone it pretty much helped it all though.


I’ve had a lifetime of living with PMR and learned to self regulate my prednisone doses. For flare-ups I took 20 for 5 days, 15 4 days! 10 4 days then back to my usual dose of 5 mg. That kept me stable for several years then I started getting more flare ups. I asked my doctor if Plaquenil would help…he said yes. Ordered 200 mg twice a day with my prednisone 5 mg and that has kept me without flare ups. The only time I’ve had a flare up in the past 10 years was when I tried to wean off the plaquenil or prednisone. I am a nurse, age 74….had PMR since I was 47.

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