PMR - How will I know I am in remission?

Posted by loresathome @loresathome, Oct 24, 2022

How will I know I am remission? I have significant pain each am… and am tapering 1 mg per month…

Would remission mean I have no pain?
Thank you…

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I haven't experienced any side effects from Actemra. In fact, I would say the side effects from taking prednisone have all improved. Prednisone side effects were the main reason why my rheumatologist wanted me to try Actemra with the hope tapering off prednisone. I'm very pleased about being off prednisone after taking it daily for more than 12 years.

I also have a type inflammatory arthritis that was negative for rheumatoid factor (RF negative). If your husband was diagnosed with PMR and he was also RF positive, then that suggests he may have more than one autoimmune disorder.

My experience with multiple autoimmune disorders made it very difficult for me to taper off prednisone. Fortunately, Actemra seems to work well for all of my problems. I think Actemra would be something worth trying if a rheumatologist recommends it. Having more than one autoimmune problem makes it difficult to find a treatment that works for everything.

I wish you and your husband well.

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Thank you dadcue for your kind reply. My husband has already been approved by our insurance to begin Actemra infusion. Your input of your experience is very helpful.
Thanks again


Absolutely I think my PMR was related to stress. I lost my mother, my brother and my son, at 51 years, was diagnosed with early onset of Alzheimer’s. My son and I have always had a close relationship. In October 2021 he informed me he doesn’t want any part of his family. No Mother’s Day card, no birthday card, and now this is the 2nd year not hearing him at Christmas. My heart is broken. I also have been diagnosed with GCA.

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My daughter has cut me out of her life, too, so I know how hurtful that can be. She is the same age as your son although our relationship has been difficult all our lives. I hope he has a change of heart. Best wishes


Newly diagnosed PMR 1st week on Prednisone 17.5mg, 64 will be 65 on the 23rd. Thanks for shares. Treated High blood pressure no other issues yet. 200 lbs.

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