Plummer Project

Posted by Tom Wilson @tomewilson, Dec 13, 2017

With the implementation of the ‘Plummer Project’, moving all Mayo health records to the Epic system (from GE), a $1.5 billion project, I wonder what the implications will be for patients in the ‘patient portal’. Two of our other health care providers are on EPIC, so I’m hopeful this will make it simpler to view all medical information. Also, making it simpler to tie specific charges to insurance company payments would be very helpful – using charges for each visit number, specific diagnosis codes, medical codes and pre-auth numbers. Today, it is nearly impossible to reconcile charges from a clinic like Mayo with insurance companies handling of each line item charge. With multiple surgeries, office visits, labs scans, etc., literally hundreds of line items charges must be reconciled. Insurance companies deny first and put the onus on the patient to provide proof that a charge qualifies. Making this an easier process would be helpful.

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Hello Tom @tomewilson

Thanks for bringing this change to our attention. I am not familiar with the Plummer Project. I’m going to invite one of our moderators, @lisalucier, to this conversation. Perhaps she can offer some more information.



Hello @tomewilson,

As you can imagine the Plummer Project is a massive undertaking. Mayo Clinic has three large campuses located in Jacksonville, FL; Phoenix, AZ; and Rochester, MN, along with many health system locations in Minnesota. My knowledge of everything involved in the Plummer Project is limited because I am not involved the development nor patient care. I do know that if two of your health systems are on EPIC, it should make the communication between those health care facilities and Mayo Clinic easier as any system that uses EPIC can easily share medical records across health care facilities.

I am unsure of how it will affect insurance or the patient portal, but can assure these things have not been overlooked. Mayo Clinic had many experts from every part of Mayo Clinic work on EPIC implementation. If you have specific concerns, I reccomend asking your healthcare provider or contacting Mayo Clinic directly. Also, here is an article from when EPIC went live across Mayo Clinic Health System locations in Minnesota,


Justin, thank you. I did read that article (as well as others). No doubt this is a step in the right direction and fully leverages Mayo’s size and scale. Dr. Plummer would have been very supportive of this initiative, if not the driver.

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