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Please Help

Posted by @glowworm, Aug 24, 2011

Over the past ten years I have had this rare “event” happen. The first episode was 12 years ago in my upper left arm. There is a small mass under the skin that over time got bigger and bigger, eventually I had to go to the ER for them to lance it. When they did, it spewed a puss looking substance. A few months later I had the same thing develop on my upper left thigh; started as a small mass just under the skin until it eventually grew to the size of a quarter and the skin ruptured itself from the pressure releasing the same blood/puss combination. Several years later on my neck I had what I thought was a pimple. I left it alone but over several weeks it grew to about the size of a small marble (doesn’t sound big but in the neck area it was protruding). After about 5 weeks I was at the surgeon’s office getting it lanced and drained again. Ten months after the neck episode the same thing has happened in my left breast. Today I was at the surgeon’s office getting it lanced and drained. EVERY TIME THE EXUDATE HAS BEEN CULTURED AND EVERY TIME CAME BACK “NEGATIVE” No sample has ever grown staph or MSRA. Actually the samples almost come back sterile. EVERY TIME, I was placed on antibiotics which did not provide any help. EVERY TIME, I did not have a fever or any other related symptoms. At this point I am wondering if there is a rare autoimmune disorder or perhaps a lymphatic disorder or maybe dermatological but I really am not sure. At this point, I am just wondering where the next mass will develop. Has anyone heard of such a thing?



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Posted by @freedom, Sep 3, 2011

Hi glowworm….Please don’t think what I am about to say is weird. What you are saying sounds so similar to a “Medical Mystery” episode I saw. Have you ever traveled outside the country? Eaten any weird raw foods? On the episode I watched, a couple traveled outside the country and ate some type of raw seafood. Sometime after they returned home, they both started getting these welts/bumps under their skin. They went away and would return now and then. Doctor’s couldn’t figure out what it was. Same thing….cultures and nothing. The husband’s symptoms eventually went away. The wife’s kept recurring over a couple years. Finally, one showed up on her breast that was getting larger. She went to the doctor’s office who cut it open right there and found a worm inside of her. I know this sounds far fetched, but thought I’d throw it past you…just in case you recalled eating something weird or going out of the country. Or, maybe just getting your mind thinking in another direct besides “infection” as I’m sure you’ve had many tests done over the years to check for infections.

God be with you!


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Posted by @mysistersillness, Oct 6, 2011

please read about my sisters condition, just to rule it out.

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Posted by @peacekeeper, Nov 14, 2011

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Posted by @psychotronic, Nov 14, 2011

Quiet you. >:-(

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