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Please help- endometriosis-depo-new symptoms

Posted by @kaitlyn in Women's Health, Oct 31, 2011

Hello im a 15 year old girl. I hhad very pviolent periods when i was in preteens and experienced terrible cramps and hige amounts of blood loss. Because of this i was put on birth control pills that did not allow me to have a period. With those i experienced bad depression symptoms. I went to several doctors for the severe pain and was diagnosed with endometriosis. I after switching off pills, went to depoprovera shot. Knowing the side effects and being very active ,dance and swim also having asthma, started getting that every three months -also not havibg a period. Things have been changing and i have been happier. The problem is at anytime without no warning ill have to pee realy bad, have bad abdominal pain, get clammy hands, and hot flashes. I dont know what it is but could anyone help educate me on this.? If needed im 15 around 5"3 between 128 and 132 pounds and my weight distributed ( im curvy 34D size 4-6 in jeans S in tee shirts) and non- sexually active

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Posted by @kaitlyn, Nov 3, 2011

Please help


Posted by @ilovejesus, Jan 20, 2012

You are not alone!! And rest assured that you know your body and do what you feel you need to do. The eternal God is your healer and refuge! I have had 3 surgeries for endometriosis in 2.5 years. The second surgery they did a total hysterectomy. I found this woman in PA where I live that is a physical therapist who through massage and manipulation releases adhesions and endometriosis tissue. I have done this in place of surgery for the last 2 years and have had great success. So if you keep needing to have surgeries consider this alternative instead. My doctor actually recommended it because I have trouble with adhesions just from the surgeries themselves. And more surgeries make more adhesions! I will pray for you!


Posted by @jenn38, Nov 28, 2011

I am 38 and I had horrible periods at your age. I wish you would not take that shot! You are so young! I have recently gone gluten free and it has helped! Also cut back on dairy and do hormone free as much as you can. Many books out there on endo diets!You want to stay on a birth control because it will help with your endo- what about Seasonique or Lybrel. If symptoms worsen you may need a cat scan so they can see whats going on. If your endo has spread you may have to have an out-patient procedure done. I have! Nothing to be scared about!


Posted by @mzfitz, Dec 15, 2011

My daughter was diagnosed with menorraghia at age 12 (now 13), which sounds like you were too. Without the depoprevara, she would not survive another hemorrage. Her case is rare in its severity and she must not menstruate for at least two years. She had to have 4 blood transfusions, so even with the risks and side effects of the hormones in the pill and the depo shot, it is important to listen to your doctor. Her doctor told us her cramping pain is from too much progesterone in her system as a result of the depo....which is a side effect that she has to live with. Basically the cramping is as a result of her uterus trying to menstruate, but there is no blood to do so. It is an unfortunate side effect but better than bleeding too much. Seek a second opinion on the endometriosis to verify you have this. Also, have you seen a Hemotologist to make sure you don't have an underlying condition that is causing the bleeding? In 40% of all menorragia cases, there is either Von Willebrand Disease or Platelet Function Disorder. Both of which are treatable. Menorragia is NOT caused by allergies to gluten or foods.


Posted by @kaitlyn, Jan 20, 2012

Had the surgery, they confirmed endometriosis and found and lazered hundreds of spotsa


Posted by @jakicat, Mar 19, 2012

Hello, I suffer from PMDD, I'm 45, and have struggled with this since I was 12. I'm hoping to connect with anyone who has this disorder. I'm going on my 5th psychiatrist who doesn't understand what I have, and that SSRI's don't offer any relief! I've tried them all!! Has anyone tried hormone therapy? Please reply!! I'm at the end of my rope!! And I don't know where to turn?

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Posted by @happyocean68, Sep 12, 2012

Hello!! Ok I'm 43, and am going through the same thing... I was just in a mental hospital because I felt I was going crazy and losing it. They put me on prozac, which I was on for a long time and my new dr changed my meds and for the last 9 months have been like jekle an hyde! As soon as I got there started my period and felt like myself again! Have you found any help? I am looking myself for support and where to turn next


Posted by @anon89880224, Dec 18, 2011

You should have surgery for the endo- I had it when I was younger. I know how bad it can be.
Your hormones are all over the place , and you probably are just dealing with the effects from that.
Possibly some hormone related anxiety too.
Very common in women....


Posted by @kaitlyn, Dec 19, 2011

I have news. I had laprascopic surgery three days ago. They found hundreds of endometriosis spots. They removed the larger ones but there remains hundreds of small ones. Luckily there were none on my fallopian tubes or ovaries. Theyre were many found on my bladder. This explains pain when my bladder gets full. They are starting me on a new medication speicially made for treating endometriosis . I do not remember the name but i do know the only side-effect is hot flashes. So im hoping this will relieve the pain

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Posted by @kaitlyn, Dec 19, 2011

So yes this is a severe case . Im fifteen now and my doctor told me that my best chance of having kids will be in my early twenties. After i have kids i will need a hysterectomy. Im 15 years old right now. I just want parents and teenagers to know how severe pain this is and that its serious. I really appreciated my docotr. Dr. Pridham

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