Pillcam is stuck... and still stuck

Posted by dablues @dablues, May 4, 2020

I had a pillcam done and it never came out. What next. You would think the doctor would have called me by now. Had an Xray on the 15th of April, then again on the 30th of April and it is still there. Now what?


@dablues, I'm sorry to hear that 6 days later, the Pillcam has still not made an appearance. I moved your new message to the previous discussion about the Pillcam being stuck in the hopes that @astaingegerdm might have some ideas to share.

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@dablues @colleenyoung – I read the report and in the latest X-ray it is not mentioned that it is seen, right? The previous X-ray reported the pill cam in the pelvis = on the way out.
My impression is that it is not there and also no signs of damage to the intestine. Obviously, it has to be confirmed by the doctor.
I have no idea when mine passed. It was still there on follow up before I left Mayo. I was reassured that I did not have to worry. The only thing I had to do is stay hydrated.

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