Stiff neck that tilts to one way: Physical Therapy to help?

Posted by mookiemookie @mookiemookie, Sep 15, 2016

hi, have a senior mom who has had a stiff neck for a few weeks that leans to the right, we have put ben gay on it twice a day got her a neck pillow which has helped a little but i think she is going to need more.. what kind of physical therapy should we be looking for… her pcp told her to get Botox injections and i do not think i would trust someone to inject Botox into my neck,let alone hers especially being a senior.. any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated

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I have had incredible results with a chiropractor who is called an “atlas chiropractor”. They do not do cracking adjustments and start with c1/c2 area (then working down the spine) after taking xrays to see where alignment or curvature is off.  It is very gentle tapping.  Then, I also had massage og the neck and shoulders.  My problem was mostly when I would turn my head, I would feel painful pulling beneath the shoulder blade.  It took about 6 months, but it finally worked for me.  It seems that before PT will be effective, everything needs to be in alignment and the muscles loose (purely anecdotal from my experience as well as of others I know).  It seems when those other 2 conditions aren’t met, PT has aggrevated the situation. Good luck! 

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