Petechiae on lower legs???

Posted by nanke99 @nanke99, May 28, 2022

Hi! I've had petechiae & some purpura on my lower legs for a couple of months now. It get worse when I'm on my feet/walking etc. I had gone to the ER and had tons of blood work, lung X-ray & leg ultrasounds- I do not have any clots. I'll be seeing a hematologist but not for at least a week. Any ideas???? Now, recent history DOES include a pulmonary embolism, but that has been resolved before petechiae, and that had been provoked after a car accident- I have never had a DVT. I have fibromyalgia.

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@nanke99, this sounds concerning for you. Fellow members @phyllis731 @longlostbrat @beanglow have experience with petechiae and may have some thoughts and experiences to share.

I'm glad that you've been to the ER to rule out any causes that may require urgent care. I hope you'll learn more at your upcoming appointment with a hematologist. I'll be anxious to hear the results of your appointment.

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