Permanent SIBO due to removal of ileocecal valve

Posted by pknw @pknw, Jul 16, 2017

Is there anyone who has no cure options for SIBO due to the removal of the ileocecal valve? If so, how do you minimize possible long term damage to your intestinal tract? Do you find that digestive enzymes, L-Glutamine, Enteragam or any natural supplements aid in a healthier immune system? if so,
please pass along your best advice. Thanks.

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The book, Super Gut by Dr Davis. It’s an incredible resource. I’m not certain what article referenced the supplements for SIBO you mentioned. I guess I missed something.

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I looked up other articles based on the one you sent.


If they teach you how to give yourself injection, it is virtuously painless. The anticipation is worse than the shot. I take the shots weekly due to b12 defic due to removal of valve and surrounding bowel
Your nurse friend can show you how

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I could do that but probably won’t— lol. I really am a wimp about certain things.


Well I mentioned in my earlier comment that I was going to try Black Cumin Seed Oil. I'm taking them in the capsule form and it is almost two weeks now and I must say that my stool is normal (for me) and I have one bowel movement for the day, in the morning (and that is a big improvement for me). My gas, bloating and rumbling intestinal noises have not disappeared completely but much improved. So for me, this herbal treatment has worked the best so far. So that is encouraging! Not sure if it will work for others but it is worth a try!

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