Peripheral Nephropathy and nerve blocks

Posted by jasont @jasont, Mar 31, 2019

I am thinking of trying a nerve block to help my PN pain. Has anyone on here ever tried it or know someone who has? It doesn't appear to last very long but my pain is out of control at times. thanks Jason

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Hi @jasont that must be awful having out of control pain.

I want to introduce you to fellow Connect members @sandytoes14 @grandmar and @lioness as they have all had experience with nerve block's or similar shots, and may be able to offer you support and share their experiences.

Back to you @jasont how are you currently treating your peripheral neuropathy?


With medications that are not the true answer to the problem, i am not diabetic and am classified as "Idiopathic"


@jason Welcome also Jason. Yes I have had nerve blocks in my back I went to a pain specialist they don't last all that long I will say in the beginning I only had 3 a year then I had to get them closer then 3 now it is 1 every other months so I think it may depend what the drug is that you are being injected with . I did then some experimenting on my own and just an ordinary ice bag helped a lot . The last nerve block I got wasn't pleasant and lasted only 1 week . Now this has been over a period of years and I think I know my back is worse now then ,then not due to the shots. If you have never had them just ask all kinds of questions to you Dr . the type, where he is going to inject and the after care is my suggestion to you and good luck .


thank you so much for getting back to me. i have heard that they may not last very long but there is a chance they could last months. I think i am going to try one. take care.


Jason, I have horrid neuropathy in my feet and my neuro doc would not give me one. He said I would not feel my feet and could fall down. That would be dangerous. (If I am remembering this clearly.) I talked to him months ago about this, and have since changed doctors. Lori Renee

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